Product Quality

Products Quality

A few words about our products.
The Apollonia products are of the highest quality with many international awards and with the
BIO and or PDO qualifications.

The Olive Oil we use comes from Kalymbari in Chania, and earned many international awards. The acid content of the oil isbetween 0.2 and a maximum of 0.6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin PDO and Extra Virgin Organic and Extra VirginOrganic PDO.

Our Marmalades and Jams are made of best quality fruits from Crete, with a fruit content of 70 to 80%, no preservatives andno artificial coloring and flavors added.

Our honey is produced in the mountainous regions of Crete from pure thyme and herbs 18 to 60 pollen grain withoutpreservatives. highest quality,

Our Graviera cheese, best quality, made of goat & sheep milk is produced in the mountainous areas of Crete without the addition of preservatives and flavors. Unique pleasure.
Our spices and herbs come from the mountains of Crete, some wild, some cultivated, with therapeutic properties, unique taste and wonderful natural colors. Without preservatives and added flavors.

Our Breadsticks are made in a wood oven from pure and of the highest quality ingredients, with no added sugar and preservatives and with therapeutic properties like the Traditional Cretan Ntakos, Breadsticks from locust and many otherincredible flavors.

Our soaps are made from 50% olive oil and fruits, flowers, herbs and other different plants from the nature. Withoutpreservatives and chemicals.

Apollonia products of the highest quality. So the consumer knows what he is buying.