Our Company

The productive company Apollonia Farm produces their own high quality products in co-operation with modern facilities and factories that own the most contemporary means of production and bottling with respect in Greek tradition , that way is able to offer the best quality of products and olive oil in the world , the products we produce and pack with love and care we have archived to offer you the best quality with maximum nutritional value.

The company Apollonia Farm consists of two partners, one partner is Mr. Peter Wehr from Klagenfurt of Austria and the other one is Mr. Konstantinos Astropalitis from Chania in Crete , these 2 partners any years ago they started a very difficult process , do add life in human , in that way they started producting the products of Apollonia Farm , searching for the best climate in the island , so they would be able to sell some products in their own standards.

Today they have a big variety of products without preservatives made of fresh Cretan fruits , these products have won many international awards for their quality , having all the standards including the European ones and not only we can produce some Cretan product with maximum in nutritional value to enhance human life , because if we took care about our food quality we could live 10-25 years more.

Apollonia Farm invests in people , invests in life.

Our products have international certifications and qualifications