About Us

-Welcome to Apollonia Farm

Welcome to the world of the contemporary daily routine. 

Apollonia Farm operates in the world of contemporary of standardization , production and marketing of high quality cretan products.

We have the only electronic shop that offers a complete collection of products (fresh & packed) and can cover the majority of  the people.

Shipments are done from Monday to Saturday with refrigerated trucks of the courier company we can guarantee the super quality of your products during the delivery.

Our parteners will deliver your shopping directly out of your door or even in your kitchen if you would like to , so we are going to make your daily life much easier , in case that you order before 10:00am there is a posibility that your order will be delivered the same day.

Apollonia Farm offers to their customer over 200 products with best price guarantee, of Apollonia Cretan Products as the only distributor of them.

Taste the unique products and get informed about or daily offers and forget the  troubles of super markets once and for all.

-Apollonia Farm